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Join textile artist and designer Mila Harris-Mussi for an experimental day of indigo dyeing and Japanese Shibori.

Japanese Shibori and Indigo Dyeing

with Mila Harris-Mussi

14/15th of March 2020
11am – 5pm each

In this workshop you are invited to restore and renew a worn out yet still treasured item of clothing through traditional shibori and indigo dye techniques.

During the workshop Mila will instruct you in the complex workings of the plant dye indigo, and demonstrate how to prepare the dye vat and indigo solution ready to obtain strong and long lasting blues.

You will be taught how to fold, clamp and bind the fabric to create intricate Shibori resist patterns, which you can then apply to a number of different fabric samples. Once you have experimented with a variety of methods you will be able to create your own distinctive shibori design and restore your garment with indigo dye.

You will take home with you a set of original samples and your restored garment. You will also have the skills needed to make up your own Indigo dye vat at home for future projects.

Materials provided:
• Silk 
• Cotton 
• Linen fabric samples
• Indigo dye
• A selection of linen threads and shibori blocks 
• Clamps
• Pegs for creating the patterns

Please bring with you:
• A garment or piece of fabric, silk scarf or napkins etc to restore with indigo dye and shibori.
• Fabric must be made from cotton, silk, or linen (natural fibres) the indigo will not hold on synthetic materials. DO NOT bring any knitted or wool fabrics, as they will soak up too much dye.
• Note book and pencil
• An apron

Mila Harris-Mussi is an artist and designer whose practice has grown out of an experimental approach to textile structures and applications. With a strong focus on knitted textiles and natural dyes she draws inspiration from traditional textile techniques and abstracts them to create site-specific sculptural forms. Mila has taught workshops in both botanical dying and indigo dying at Peckham Craft
Show, Museum in The Park, Hereford College of Art and Shanghai University.