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Artist Hannah Cooke is breastfeeding her daughter Ada in different exhibition-like settings to confront negative statements about the compatibility of motherhood and art made by Abramović and Emin.

Ada vs. Abramović
Ada vs. Emin

7th of March 2020
5pm – 10pm

With the slow motion videos on show Cooke sets a positive counter statement to Abramović’s and Emin’s positions about the compatibility of maternity and art. This event is a contribution to International Women’s Day and part of the ‘5 Female Artists, 3 Cities’ exhibition of the online gallery


Tagesspiegel Nov. 2016:
“Did you never wanted to have children?”
Marina Abramović:
“No. Never. I aborted three times because I was convinced that it would be a disaster for my work.
We just have a certain amount of energy in our body that I should have shared. In my opinion, that’s why women are not as successful in the art world as men. There are lots of talented women. Why do the men take over the important positions? Quite simply: love, family, children – all a woman does not want to sacrifice.”

Tracey Emin:

“I don’t think I’d be making work (if I were a mother).’ She admits. ‘I would have been either 100% mother or 100% artist. I’m not flaky and I don’t compromise. Having children and being a mother… It would be a compromise to be an artist at the same time. I know some women can. But that’s not the kind of artist I aspire to be. There are good artists that have children. Of course there are. They are called men. It’s hard for women. It’s really difficult, they are emotionally torn. It’s hard enough for me with my cat.”

In a humorous manner Cooke questions well-established power structures and reveals the characteristics of the art world.
Her work is research-based, the outcome spans from photography, video, performative and installation elements.

ABOUT is an online art gallery and exhibition platform. Through their online portal they aim to stimulate debates and knowledge exchange between diverse disciplines and specialised fields. Any contributor from the worlds of art and curation, philosophy and the humanities is part the curation of the content.

Jar and Fern create handmade, unique and beautiful terrariums. 

Terrarium Workshop

with Jar and Fern

16th of February 2020

Learn the history of Terrariums, how to care for them and the ideal plants to fill them with. You will be provided with everything you need to create your own little ecosystem. Jar and Fern will have a range of plants for you to choose from as well as a large sealable glass jar. They will guide you through creating your own terrarium which will be all yours to take home at the end of the session. This is a great individual or group experience for anyone who wants to learn some new indoor gardening skills. You will leave with a care guide for your terrarium as well as all you need to know about how to make more terrariums as we know they can be quite addictive!

Will and Madeleine set up Jar and Fern in December 2015 out of a love of all things green and planty. Madeleine has a background in floristry and environmental work and they are both trained in floral techniques and are still constant students in all things botanical. Will and Madeleine believe there is nothing better than watching your own creation flourish and grow. They love teaching guests how to create their own little gardens in a jar and meeting fellow plant lovers.

Textile repairer Molly Martin hosted a day of slow stitching and mindful clothing repair.

Mindful Mending
with Molly Martin

18th/19th of January 2020

In this workshop most beloved and broken garments were repaired using traditional hand sewing and patching techniques, inspired by Japanese boro repair.

During the class Molly shared her extensive knowledge on the history of repair and discuss the mindful and meditative aspects derived from these ancient practices.

Each participant had a small linen patch to work on first as a sample to then move on to the garments that they had brought along.

All participants learned the skills you need to repair and restore your most treasured textiles and enjoy them for many more years to come. Taking these useful and mindful skills home with them forever.

"Nothing is finished, nothing is perfect and nothing lasts" - A Japanese proverb

Molly Martin works as a professional textile repairer, specialising in delicate fabric restoration and Japanese boro repair. She has taught numerous workshops on the art of mending throughout the UK, working closely with slow fashion brands such as egg and Toast. Molly hopes to encourage more people to mend their clothes in an attempt to make a small difference in the ever wasteful fast fashion industry. She says that ‘mending can be a tonic; igniting a mindful appreciation of being in the moment. She believes that mending by hand encourages us to slow down and by doing so, the process can help us to reconnect to ourselves and the clothes that we wear.

Smack Tacos is a new Pop-Up in London. Their concept is simple, but effective.


Smack Tacos

Smack Tacos is a Pop-Up concept from London. The concept is simple – you buy an art print and get free tacos on top. The Pop-Up’s mascot TAC MAN is based on the iconic Mexican Taco.

At each of their regular Pop-Ups at Playground London Smack Tacos collaborates with a different street artist who produces their own interpretation of the mascot. Those personal takes can then be purchased on the day and a free taco on the go.

In the past the following artists have been featured:

For more updates follow Smack Tacos on Instagram @smacktacos

The content of a bedroom studio migrated into the informal setting of Playground London. 

Untold Stories, Marks On Paper — Ioana Lupascu

27 of April 



Untold stories – Marks on Paper by Ionana Lupascu is a coming out exhibition.

The content of a bedroom studio migrates into the informal setting of Playground London. Methodically covering the walls of the gallery from top to bottom with sketches, drawings and photo documentation, these so far ‘Untold stories’ are an intimate portrait of Lupascu’s fondness for visual composition. Referencing movements from gaga dancing and contact improvisation, strokes, drips and colors find their place as marks on paper. Outside the grid of instagram, she would like to invite you to a one night pop-up exhibition exploring abstractions as forms of release and contemplation.


Ioana Lupascu is a London based artist working across art, architecture and design. She is curious about the relationship between the built environment and human interaction. Her primary means of understanding urban spaces has been through a 35mm film camera, followed by a degree in architecture, and most recently, through creative movement. Alongside design, production, painting and photography, Ioana runs speed dating nights, mentors young people, and travels to far flung places. Her current work spans a diversity of media but always seeks to translate places of togetherness into objects, installations and exhibitions.

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Photos by Cornelia GaieTais Sirole, the artist and Playground London